Crown of Thorns Crucifixes - Sale

Crucifix with Crown of Thorns

This elegant carving is representative of the finest objects for personal devotion. The powerful anatomical structure - with its natural portrayal of the dying Christ's corporeality - is remarkable.

As one of the most popular crucifixes in our collection, it comes in three different sizes, 17.5”, 23”, and 26”.

A subtle twist in the torso was produced in part by the positioning of the legs, which are crossed and mounted on the cross with a single tail. The crown of thorns is fashioned from real thorns. The face of the exquisite carving is worked with intricate detail – a tour de force of the carver’s art.



Crown of Thorns Crucifix - 17.5 Inch -

PRICE: 189.00

Sale Price - 167.00



Crown of Thorns Crucifix - 23 Inch - $239.00

Crown of Thorns Crucifix - 26 Inch - $269.00


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