Modern Chapel Crucifix

Modern Chapel Crucifix Hand Carved from Linen Wood

The modeling of the figure is naturalistic and the proportions relate to sculpture of old masters. The leaning of Christ's head, the almost imperceptible turn of his body, and his slightly opened mouth suggest an awareness of his Mission. The facial expression is anguished, with closed eyes and a furrowed brow.

The deep emotional piety shown in the expressive face is made more poignant by the weighty loincloth modeled in sharply contrasting folds and deep crevices and by the taut composition. Details such as the lance wound, the crown of thorns, and the pallor of Christ's body are presented to the viewer for pious contemplation as an effective form of devotional practice.


Height: 36 inches

Corpus: Linden Wood | Cross: Solid Oak

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