Large Chapel Crucifix

Large Chapel Crucifix Hand Carved from Linen Wood

This remarkable large crucifix expresses a combined sense of drama, monumental, and elegance through the extraordinarily accomplished carving of the wood.

While other crucifixes emphasize Christ's agony, here his composed expression gives just a little hint of pain and suffering; rather, it implies his triumph over death.

The symmetrical body and stylized carving of the rib cage convey a sense of calm detachment. The face of Christ and his torso are articulated with fine interior and exterior lines of his body. The mannered flow of Christ's wrap echoes the river's swirling current. The play of both candlelight and daylight over the relief enhances the richness of the carved wood surfaces. It is a devotional carving of haunting immediacy, resonant with pathos.


Height: 42 inches

Corpus: Linden Wood 

Cross: Solid Oak

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